Colorado Medicare Solutions

Good News!

You’ll Love Medicare once you get it going! Till then you’re probably going to feel lost, frustrated and confused. That’s where we come in.

Colorado Medicare Solutions is a Denver Based, Independent, Licensed, Medicare Insurance Agency; that has your best interest at heart. Colorado Medicare Solutions is a little different; we are not beholden to just one company and we are contracted with most major companies.

Proudly Offering: AARP/United Healthcare, Humana, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Medico, Gtl and more.

Top 10 reasons to work with Colorado Medicare Solutions.

1. You’ll have a local agent again! No more voice mails or trying to deal with the large insurance companies on your own.
2. Educational videos: Medicare University & Social Security University (myseniorventure)
3. Keep your current Doctors, Hospitals and Drugs.
4. Plans to fit every situation and budget, starting at $0 monthly premium.
5. Plans that include vision, hearing and gym membership.
6. We offer a complete product line, Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug Plans.
7. Unbiased representation, of most major Medicare insurance companies, finding the company and Medicare insurance that is right for you.
8. Guidance to extra help with prescription drug cost.
9. Guidance to extra help with Medicare Part B premiums.
10. We do the work for you. Stress free, no obligation, Medicare consultations.

One of our goals is to help educate our customers so they can make informed Medicare decisions. That’s why we’ve partnered with My Senior Ventures; giving you access to Medicare University and Social Security University, a group of quick, fun, informative, educational videos. (myseniorventure)

The Problems with getting Medicare started. If any of these sound familiar, give us a call!

Medicare can be confusing. It’s not a one size fits all and your situation is unique.
Your healthcare is one of the biggest decisions of retirement. It’s probably too big of decision to make online or over the phone.
Medicare only pays about 80% of your Part B Medical Expense. It’s up to you to pay the rest.
Every Medicare insurance company you contact tells you their product is the best.
Medicare coverage can vary per zip code.
Fear that you’re leaving money on the table and not getting all the benefits that you are eligible for.
Medicare’s nomenclature is hard to understand. We speak in laymen’s terms. We don’t talk down to you.

Take control of your future, watch the videos then contact us, for a stress free, no obligation, Medicare consultation. From there, let’s talk and find the company and the additional coverage that is right for you.

Colorado Medicare Solutions a Local, Independent, Licensed Agency offering old school service and Empowering you to Maximize your Medicare Benefits.